005 Her Amazing Life: How to Create and Build an A-Team (Part B)

How to build a great team at work

How to build a great team at work

The second and final part of this 2-Part episode on how to build a great team at work.

If you want to skip over the intro when Steph and Tiff talk about the great new things that are happening in their lives and businesses, go to the 6.35 minute mark and you’ll be taken straight to this juicy content of this episode 🙂

Some of the things we discuss in this episode include having a great support network around you, particularly outside your organisation.

When considering how to build a great team at work, there is a bit of planning involved. An organisational chart is one tool (when used with vision) that can help power you towards creating an A-Team and business.

Taking the time to understand your business needs, plan the type of team and carefully select team members to take your business to the next level is worth the effort in the short and long term.

We discuss the concept of “Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly”, employment and induction packs for new employees. We also cover the hard reality of terminating team members. There will come a time when, as an entrepreneur, small business owner, or manager of a team, you will be faced with terminating the employment of a team member. We take the time to explain why it’s in your best interests (and for the safety of your business) to be prepared and have a great employment law team for support and advice.

Steph uses:

Duc Legal: www.duclegal.com.au

McCabe Partners: www.mccabepartners.com.au

Some templates will be posted by Steph & Tiff in due course on the www.heramazinglife.com 🙂


We hope you find this inspiring and educational. If you have any suggestions or comments, we would love to hear from you! Have an amazing few days until we meet again…

004 Her Amazing Life: How to Create and Build an A-Team (Part A)


Great leaders create and build a great team

Great leaders create and build a great team


Great leaders create and build great teams.

It takes courage to set the direction and establish standards of performance. You need strength and empathy to take your team and customers on the journey with you and a commitment to ongoing improvement through systems and processes.

Building an A-Team also requires a strong understanding of people: their strengths, how to inspire them to reach their best and how to manage their egos within a team environment.

Creating a great team is part art and part science. Join Steph and Tiff for as they talk about levels of leadership – Leader of Self, Leader of Others, Leader of Leaders – Investing in your people – their education and professional development, being consistent, developing positive habits and the benefits of having a small team.